Pastoral Letter – Advent 2023

Fish Hoek Methodist Church

There is an old saying that states that “Change is inevitable!” Even though most of us know that this is true, we still struggle with change when it comes. I know that I certainly take time to get used to change, but in the end, I have to choose to embrace it.

As we move into the season of Advent we do so with the backdrop of change. There is change in our Fish Hoek circuit; change in our local society; changes in our Connexion and changes in our country. Thankfully we get to navigate our way through these uncertain times with the certainty of Christ.

Advent is the season of expectation and anticipation – we await the birth of the Messiah. And as we edge closer to Christmas Day, we do so with the incredible hope that comes from knowing Jesus is our Saviour and King. We can find our way through the uncertainty because we can hold onto the One who is unshakeable and always faithful.


We ended the month of November by offering thanks to God for all that he has done for us over the past year. We are thankful that his spirit has led us through the ups and downs of life, and we can proclaim with assurance: “thus far has the Lord been with us.”

As a church, we have managed to meet all our financial obligations, even including unforeseen expenses, such as upgrading our Electrical compliance around the entire church complex, as well as giving our buildings a new coat of paint. We have also been able to continue our regular support of our mission partners, outreach projects and the extended circuit. We thank you for your faithfulness in this regard.


We are grateful to Richard Peens and Peter Axman for their 9 years of committed service as Society Stewards at Fish Hoek. They have been tireless in their efforts and enthusiasm for our community, and we pray that they can enjoy a short rest in 2024.

We welcome as new stewards, Jonathan Miles, and Michael Wessels. We pray that they will find their feet and deeper calling within the leadership of the church. We also affirm Dennis Clark as our Treasurer for 2024, as well as all our existing society stewards. Please continue to uplift all our leaders as they volunteer their time to serve us and prayerful lead us.


With my changing role within the Circuit, as both the Superintendent and overseer of Tokai Methodist, I will be working out of the Tokai office on a Wednesday. I will also be preaching at Tokai on the 3rd Sunday of every month, which is a Communion Sunday for their society.

We are pleased that Louise Elliott will be taking up her role as Pastoral Assistant and we are grateful that Louise is willing to offer 10 hours per week to head up the Pastoral Care ministry. This will be a huge help to myself and our church at large.

Justine Tinker will continue as a liaison between the Office Staff and Society Stewards, as well as overseeing the Youth and Young Adults ministries. Justine is also in the office on a Monday, offering us her valuable time and input.

Thomas Odendaal will continue in his role as the Administrator, and Joyce Martin will also continue her role as the office volunteer. Pieter Strydom joins us at our weekly staff meetings and will assist where necessary in various aspects of the ministry, acting as a link between our preachers and all our preaching places (including our midweek services in the Retirement Villages).

We are also thankful to have Mzoli and Pauche who care for our properties and maintenance, under the supervision of Doug Morgan and the stewards. 

 ADVENT PREACHING SERIES – “Miracle at the Manger”

Over the course of December, we will be preparing ourselves for the birth of Jesus, through our Advent Series “Miracle at the Manger.” We begin this special time on the 3rd of December with the children leading us in their Worship experience based on the Nativity.

Please note that our CHRISTMAS CAROL service will be on the 24th of December at 6pm. As this is a Sunday, there will be NO MORNING SERVICES that day. We will of course host 2 Christmas Day services on the 25th of December (Monday) at 8am and 9:30am.

On behalf of the entire Linscott family, we pray that you would have a wonderful Advent season and that we all manage to seek Christ amid the chaos around us.

God bless you.

Living in Grace,

Delme, Kim, Declan, Nathan, and Joshua