25 August 2021

The MCSA Condemns the Murder of Nosicelo Mtebeni.

The Methodist Church of Southern Africa (MCSA) is shocked and enraged about the gruesome
murder of 23-year-old LLB student Nosicelo Mtebeni, a member of the church and of the Young
Women’s Manyano.

“The killing of Nosicelo was a shocking and heinous act of violence. We condemn this brutal murder
and many others that take place every day, and demand maximum punishment for the perpetrators. It
is of great concern that even in the so called National Woman’s month, women and girls continue to
be abused, raped and butchered by men. The reasons to celebrate are overshadowed by the realities
of women living in danger in the hands of the men who are said to love them. The level of brutality
is mind boggling! We as women are enraged and cry out to God “How long Oh Lord! When will the
lives of women and girls of this nation matter?” said Bishop Purity Malinga- Presiding Bishop of the

Gender- based violence and Femicide has long reached a pandemic proportion in South Africa and
it has to be treated as such. The latest crime statistics underscore the immediate need for systemic,
meaningful, and long-term societal changes. More needs to be done to deal with toxic masculinity
and patriarchal practices that project women as pawns to be used, abused and discarded at the whim
of men. Women continue to come together, have campaigns, try to empower each other, raise their
voices against this scourge, but men continue to abuse and kill women with impunity. It is time all
sectors of society, families, schools, faith communities, civil society- all South African societyprioritise
fighting this scourge. More needs to be done to prevent violence against women and girls
by calling men to deal with their pent up anger and the worthlessness they feel, which leads to
violence. We must be intentional in creating safe spaces for men to deal with their issues and in raising
and influencing boys and young men to respect themselves by respecting girls and women. May God
raise for this nation enough real men, who will take this task upon themselves!

More needs to be done to support and protect girls in schools and young women in the institutions of
higher learning in South Africa, who on a daily basis are exposed to the horrors of violence, rape and
murder. The death of one young woman at a university is one too many and is a great loss to the
family and to the nation! We need a legal and justice system that is responsive and acts swiftly in
dealing with those found guilty of such ghastly crimes. There can be no public safety until women
are safe in their homes and communities. It is no-longer enough to just talk about the issues of gender
based violence and femicide! It is time to act! We are in a crisis and we have to join hands and act
against this war against female bodies and lives. May the shock and anger at Nosicelo’s murder move
all people of good will to tangible actions!

On behalf of the church, we wish to convey our deepest and heartfelt condolences to Nosicelo’s parents, family, friends and fellow students at the University of Fort Hare.

May Nosicelo’s soul rest in peace and rise in glory!

Rev. Purity Malinga
MCSA: Presiding Bishop