Message from Sue Rice

 Something beautiful, something good    All my confusion He understood,

All I had to offer Him was brokenness and strife, But He made something beautiful of my life.

 How many of you remember that song?  After going through much brokenness and strife before letting God into my life I can really identify with that song. 

This year has brought much confusion and brokenness across the world, with all the wars, climate changes causing havoc in the world’s weather patterns, Covid 19; we have probably asked why, what is happening?  Oh Lord WHY, WHY, WHY?  One certainty is, I cannot answer that, only our Lord knows why.

While all this is going on, we are in ‘lock down’, we have a new accessory that by law we must put on when we go outside.  The dreaded MASK, that thing that makes you glasses mist over when going into a store; so you might just come out with wrong thing, or some brand that is much more expensive as you can’t read the price tag without your specs!

 What have you been doing to while away the time?  I have heard that many have been doing jigsaws, as Louise and I have.  With ‘lock down’ we are unable to have people round, so we have commandeered our dining room table for puzzles.  Most of the puzzles we have put together are nature, God’s gift to us.

The last one we finished was a Tiger running through the snow, a real challenge and it took at least two weeks to complete.

 As the puzzle was coming together, we had a piece missing, a very distinct shape, we searched under the table all through the lounge, but it was nowhere to be found. I started thinking of the song above and looking at my life realising that I am also a work in progress, and I might have more than one piece missing!  That took me back to looking at how God has worked in my life and how I have changed and learned to love and trust God even if I don’t understand why things are happening, I’m not saying I don’t question why?  I DO.  But of this I am certain, God is creating a beautiful picture in all of us who believe and that missing piece of the puzzle will be put into place the day we move on eternal life with Him.  He will always be here as we call on His name.

 I have adapted the song above with apologies to the songwriter.

Something beautiful something good     All my confusions He understands.

All I have to offer Him is this imperfect life.  BUT He is making something beautiful of this life.

 Look to Him as we battle this pandemic.